Azure Blades


The First Group of Azure Blades Meets Up

The first group of Azure Blades arrives at the specified tavern in Westgate. Introductions are made and an enthusiastic new recruit joins the guild.

GM: Tucked in a corner street just a stone’s throw from Westgate’s southern portal near Rivergate Way was the Old Coach Tavern. The hole in the wall saw little traffic due to its out-of-the-way location, though the patrons that frequented it were the quiet, amiable sort. Gesbar, a dwarf and owner of the tavern was known to host itinerant ministrels, traveling bards and the apprentice musicians from Westgate’s conservatory – so even now a trio of musicians played a subdued tune in the dimly-lit alehouse. A halfling man, or boy one couldn’t tell his age with any certainty, bussed tables and took orders; provided the occasional refill to patrons.
Melody Silk: ((How’s the lighting in the bar? And what time of day are we in?))

Karin Etheridge
A young woman sits at a table, alone. She nurses a tankard of ale, listening to the music. The busser at least assumes it’s ale since he doesn’t remember bringing it to her or refilling it, but every time he checks on her, it seems to be fine, so he must keep forgetting. She looks as though she’s waiting for someone. Well, she must be considering she doesn’t look like the type to normally come to a place like this. She wears a long white and black dress, her purple-black hair up in a very fashionable style and her make-up is very well done.
GM: (Let’s say you arrive during later afternoon, 4 PM. So there’s still light out but seeing as winter is approaching it’s dimming pretty quick. The tavern is lit well enough to see everyone clearly, though it’s simple lamplight and thus casts a yellow-orange hue)

Karin Etheridge
(see city picture for how Karin looks, if you want to know)

Karin Etheridge
Ayaeqlarune Ciryatan: A soft sigh escaped Aya’s lips as she walked into the bar, the simple cloak about her head and shoulders keeping away the late autumn chill sliding down about her elbows, revealing the Elf’s features. Her black hair tied up in a loose bun. She scanned the room, not immediatly seeing the crest of the guild she was a member of, the deep blue crossed blades embellished on her shoulder, She walked to a table and sat, awaiting service. She didnt know weather the guildleader sending her to open this chapter was a gift or a curse. She had ‘proven herself’ in their eyes…was that a compliment or a condemnation? With another sigh she glanced yet again for the familar sight of her guild crest…and would continue to do so until she laid eyes on it.
Halfling: “Can I get you anythin’ love?” The question came from a halfling, dressed in rustic finery, except for his feet. He gave the elf woman an expectant smile, then fidgeted from one foot to the other. “We’ve got dwarven ale on tap. An’ some good elvish wine too. If you’re hungry, we got the standard bangers an’ mash, shepherd’s pie an’ hanger steak with mushy peas.”

Jansaadi Chorster
A form, wrapped in warm clothes so much so that you couldn’t really tell what gender it was, shouldered open the door, then closed it quickly. This person seemed to be rather overdressed for the fall weather, and dispite there being the barest chill (to a native) the form shivvered, as if freezing. Removing the hood, revealed the carmel colored skin of a dweller of more southern climes, and a mane of gorgious red hair. Her green eyes focused on the elven woman’s crest of crossed blue blades and makes her way over to her, then redirected her trajectory to the fireplace, and stood by it to warm up.
Ayaeqlarune Ciryatan: Aya smiled softly at the halfling, “A glass of wine thank you.” She said in her natural smooth tone. It was a polite tone, “And perhaps a glass of water for afterward.” She wanted to make sure she retained all of her senses for the meeting.
Halfling: “You got it love,” the halfling said. He took note, then, of the approaching newcomer and smirked. “I’ll be with ya in a tic,” he said, and scurried off. In a matter of moments he returned with a cup of red wine, and a goblet of water. “You can pay yer bill when you leave. Gesby’s got it all down for ye at the bar.”
Gesbar: “I told ye not to call me that in front of patrons, fur-foot.” This from the dwarf behind the counter, whose brows knitted a furrowed frown.

Karin Etheridge
Karin noticed the two newcomers. They seemed like travelers, the type of people she was looking for. She started to watch them more closely.
Halfling: “Relax! It’s just a bit o’ fun. They know your name is Gesbar, and if they didn’t they do now!” The halfling went to the southerner’s side then. “Bring you something to warm your bones love?”

Jansaadi Chorster
“Yes, please! Thank you most kindly,” Jansaadi said, her accent straight from the desert sands of Calimshan.
Halfling: “How about some goat’s milk with honey, nice and hot?” He asked.

Jansaadi Chorster
“Wonderful. Sharess bless you, kind sir,” Jansaadi said warmkly.

Jansaadi Chorster
Patron: “Who in the Nine Hells feels cold in this weather?” A man asked. His tone was haughty, petulant, and the raised eyebrow he offered the southerner was full of annoyance.

Jansaadi Chorster
“Try living your life in a desert, and you, too, would feel cold, yes?”
Halfling: “Oy, it ain’t for you, or me to say who’s to be feelin’ cold or hot. We just provide a service, mate,” the halfling said, then went on his way.
Patron: The dark haired man shrugged his shoulders and scoffed, returning his gaze to the musicians on stage.
Melody Silk: “Excuse me, Guardsman,” She says as she holsters her halberd next to her backpack. “Would you be so kind as to point me in the direction of…” She trails off as she rummages through her belt pouch for the parchment. Finding it she reads, “The Old Coach Tavern?” The way wasn’t too difficult to navigate with the Guard’s instructions. The lowering sunlight glitters through the teal crystalline halberd as the young woman enters the bar. She glances around the bar looking for any sign of the Azure Blades. A large Blue bow sits atop her head, her outward sign of allegiance to the Azure Blades. She soon spots the crossed blades on the shoulder of the elf at that one table, and Kitty. She removes one strap of the backpack and transfers it from her back to her hand as she heads towards the table. “Well Met, fellow Blade,” Melody says with a slight bow and a wave. “I am Melody Silk, can I assume you are the leader of the local guild house here? My letter doesn’t mention a name, just a location.”

Jansaadi Chorster
Jansaadi moves to the elvan woman’s table, and sits down. “My apologies for intruding, but…” Jan started, and pulled out her crest of crossed blades. “You are in the Azure Blades?”
Melody Silk: ((Oops… And Kitty was supposed to be deleted. lol))
Halfling: The halfling returned to the southerner’s side. In his hands was a tray, atop it sat a mug of of steaming milk, fragrant with the aromatic, flowery scent of honey. “You are serviced, lassie.”

Karin Etheridge
Karin’s ears perked up when she heard this Melody Silk mention a guild house, but she was somewhat confused. Why would the local leader of the guild house look like they just came in from travelling, and why meet at a tavern instead of their house? The didn’t look like thieves though, so that was good. Three very different women, one very clearly a warrior of some sort, all in a guild. This seemed promising.
Halfling: “What about you, miss, bring you anything on tap?” the halfling asked the red-maned woman.

Jansaadi Chorster
“Thank you, good sir,” Jansaadi said wrapping her hands around the mug, then sipping it carefully. “Ah. Just like Aman used to make…”
Ayaeqlarune Ciryatan: (Say is the house built yet? like the guildhouse does exsist or is it still in construction…? Lol Just making sure I know what i need to…)
GM: (That’s a trick question, seeing as you need to find a location and then purchase it)
GM: (So it might be built)
Melody Silk: She turned to look down toward the halfling, “Forgive me, just a cup of water if you would? Mayhaps, I’ll get something else later.” A small smile plays across her features.
Ayaeqlarune Ciryatan: (laughs got it.)
GM: (It might not)
Halfling: “Sure as sure,” the halfling said. “Ya need anything just call. The name’s Rush. Geddit?” He cast the redhead a wink then sauntered back toward the bar.
Melody Silk: (( Well isn’t he in a rush. XD Sorry. Couldn’t help it.))

Jansaadi Chorster
((He probably has to.))
Kusa: ((with those short legs he’s got to rush anywhere he’s needed))
Melody Silk: (( Aye, but his name is Rush… Rush is in a rush. I thought it was funny.))
Gesbar: “All those girls look like they’re part of the same sisterhood, me boy,” Gesbar said to Rush when he returned.
Rush: “Seems that way,” the halfling said. “Oh, another goblet of water.”
Ayaeqlarune Ciryatan: After thanking the halfling, then listening to bundled up woman argue with the patron before moving over to her side she was about to answer with an affirmative when the other woman approched in a bit of a boistrous manner. “Ah. Yes well met to you two as well, i can see your crests plainly, Please take a seat and we’ll discuss just that. A few preperations have been made, yes, but this chapter, if you havnt been informed is quite new. In point of fact its…well our chapter is starting with the three of us…there were to be more…but…I suppose it will do no harm in starting our conversation now. I wouldnt say im a guildmaster, but I am supervising the opening of the chapter. We still need to purchase the actual house we’ll be making our home…i have a few locations that have been suggested…but we shall see. What have you been told about this chapter?” She asked looking at the two of them…this was to be much different than home…but she was up to the challenge.
Gesbar: Gesbar nodded, filled one up to the rim from a clay jug, then handed it to the halfling.
Rush: Rush returned to the red-maned woman’s side, set the goblet down on the nearby table. He smiled but said nothing, then went to attend to a patron who waved him over.

Jansaadi Chorster
“I was just told to come here, and help with it. I think I may be being punished…” Jan said blushing a bit. “I… ah… Came up with a new and… interesting way to test novices’ stamina…”
Melody Silk: Melody nods and takes a seat near the goblet. “Very little, truth be told. Just that the Azure Blades were starting a new chapter here, and I was the best choice from Waterdeep. They gave me this letter. It only says to meet here. No other information.” She begins to sip the goblet.

Jansaadi Chorster
Jan keeps nursing her goblet of warm milk. “This is much different from where I am from.”
Melody Silk: She gives the other redhead a raised eyebrow. “Well Met, but how is testing novices punishable.”

Jansaadi Chorster
“I took a very… Sharessian… approach to it…”

Jansaadi Chorster
“It would have built stamina, and trust, or at least that was my hope.”
Melody Silk: “Were these novices not followers of Sharess? As that would explain it.”

Jansaadi Chorster
“Anyone who did not wish to participate did not have to.”

Jansaadi Chorster
“Any good Sharessian knows that one of the most sacred things to Sharess is consent.”
Melody Silk: “Then that does not explain it. And I don’t see travel as punishment… Unless it is exile?”

Jansaadi Chorster
“In all honesty, I am speaking of the cold.”
GM: (By the way the Majordomo character will appear, though I’d hoped to introduce him once everyone assembled)
Melody Silk: “Ah… Winter has not set in yet. It should get colder. I hope you will be more acclamated by then.” ((Is that the right word?))

Jansaadi Chorster
Jansaadi looked stricken. “It gets colder?”
Kusa: (seems right)
Ayaeqlarune Ciryatan: Aya listened, “Sares- oh my…” She sighed very softly and nodded to them, “Well, it is to be a new chapter of our guild yes. We are to take on new jobs that are appropriate for us…we’ve been chosen based on different qualifications, but I believe that we can make best with this and prove ourselves to be a wonderful help and needed asset to the community.” She had rehersed that sentance so many times on her way here she could speak it in her sleep she was sure. Aya took a sip of her wine and contemplated rubbing her temples but thought not to show such weakness at the moment. “My name is Ayaeqlarune Ciryatan, but you may call me Aya for simplicities sake. I dont believe I know your name Ms?” She said motioning to the southerner, Melody having introduced herself quite nicely.
GM: (acclimated actually)
GM: (But you got close. Got the two ’c’s there :3)

Jansaadi Chorster
“I am Jansaadi Chorster. But can be called ‘Jan’ for the sake of convenience.”

Karin Etheridge
Feeling she’d heard all she needed to, Karin gracefully stood up from her table and walked toward the door.
Melody Silk: “Aye, I’m sure it does.” She says nodding to Jan. “Well Met, Jan and Aya. But then to business if you don’t mind. I am rather new to the guild, so if I’m out of line, please let me know.”
Melody Silk: She sets the backpack between her feet and brings both hands up on the table.
Rush: “You’re gonna let her go?” Rush asked the dwarf when he returned to the bar. He noted the young girl making a beeline for the exit.

Jansaadi Chorster
“And well met to you, Miss Silk.”
Gesbar: “She pays her tab regularly, boyo, don’t ye worry.”
Melody Silk: “Please Melody is fine.”

Karin Etheridge
Karin left the tavern.
Melody Silk: (( Add , between Please and Melody.))
Melody Silk: Melody turns to the bar. “Would you like me to ask her if she will pay her bill?”

Karin Etheridge
Minutes after the apparent upper-class woman left the tavern, another woman entered. She looked like she’d just come in from travelling. She was rather young and had short brown hair. She wore a cloak, backpack, common peasant’s shirt, knee length skirt and sturdy boots. On the shoulder of her cloak was the emblem of the Azure Blades. She looked around the tavern when she entered.
Gesbar: Gesbar blinked at the red-head, then smiled. “I appreciate the concern, but ye don’t need to worry. She’s a regular,” he said.
Melody Silk: “As you say, Good sir.” She says turning back to the table, her guild mates and her goblet.

Jansaadi Chorster
Jan looked up to the newcomer, tilting her head, curiously. “She seems… rather young, yes? Why would the Guild send someone who’s likely an initiate to start a new chapter?”

Karin Etheridge
When she saw the group of Azure Blades, her eyes lit up and she walked over to them confidently. “Hi-ya! I’m Karin. I was, um, sent to help with the guild.”
Ayaeqlarune Ciryatan: Aya looked up and saw another of their group, nodding to the girl after seeing her crest, then motioning her to sit with them. “We were chosen for different strengths Jan, do not judge what you do not know.” she whispered before Karin approched. “Hello its a pleasure to meet you Karin, My name is Aya.”
Melody Silk: Melody turns to look at Karin. “Is that so?” She turns to Jan. “Even we were initiates once.”

Jansaadi Chorster
“I am Jansaadi,” Jan said with a nod. “Well, true, but why send one to help with a new chapter? Unless she is from a chapter with far too many initiates, already?”
Melody Silk: “I am Melody, well met Karin.”
Melody Silk: She says offering Karin a seat. “It matters not. She is a member she gets the respect all members do.”

Jansaadi Chorster
“My apologies, I ment no disrespect.”

Karin Etheridge
“Uh, yeah. That’s it. They were all like ’We’re runing out of room around here!’ and then they were ‘Oh! Karin is so awesome we should send her instead of one of our more sucky people.’ Yep. True story.”

Jansaadi Chorster
Jansaadi blinked, then started giggling, then burst into full-on laughter.
Melody Silk: A small nod to Jan. “Aye.” She raises her eyebrow at Karin. " ’ True Story’ huh?"

Jansaadi Chorster
“My dear, you are a horrible liar.”

Karin Etheridge
“I am not. I’m a very good liar!”

Jansaadi Chorster
“Pull the other one, you may find bells.”
Melody Silk: “We should not jud…. Um… I don’t think you should admit that young Karin.”

Jansaadi Chorster
“However, you are a young lady who needs a place, yes?”
Melody Silk: “And we need initiates do we not, Aya?” She looks toward Aya.
Melody Silk: ((Can we keep her? Can we? Huh? Momma, Can we keep her? ))

Karin Etheridge
“Needs a place? I’m not some charity case over here. What I need is something to do! It’s so freaking boring on the road by yourself!”

Jansaadi Chorster
“I do not mean ‘a place’ as in, need a place to stay. I say ‘needs a place’, as in ‘needs a place to shine, to excell, to be challenged’.”
Melody Silk: Melody nods. “Aye. The lonely road is lonely. Please sit and listen. We shall explain.”

Karin Etheridge
“Oh, well in that case, yes. Yes, I do.”

Karin Etheridge
Karin sits down at the table with the group.

Jansaadi Chorster
“Sometimes it is also needing a place to belong. It is good to be part of a group. And the Blades have been good to me, dispite sending me to this cold part of the country.”
Ayaeqlarune Ciryatan: Aya listened to the exchange while crossing her slender legs at the ankles to get more comfortable in her seat. “Yes…we do Melody. If the miss wants to join our guild she’s more than welcome, lest she prove to be a hendrence. You’re welcome to join offically when we are properly set up…Well, now if the pleasantries have been established, in what capacity were you two sent? I can plainly see that Melody is one of our …I was told there were to be six Blades, and 3 Keepers to keep our documents in order as well as our Handler…He should have arrived by now…” she said with a soft sigh while looking toward the door, “As the others…I do wonder what keeps them…” She shook her head a bit. “Jan, You’re wearing so many layers I am afraid I can not tell if you are here to fight or here to keep…”
Melody Silk: “Aye, and to me a weary traveller on a lonely road. But we can speak more later. Aya has much to tell us.”

Jansaadi Chorster
“I am a cleric.”


Sayis Kaylakaze

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